Important information

Below, we present some important information for you and other guests so we can ensure your stay as enjoyable as possible.

    • Accommodation is available from 2:00 PM on the day of arrival until 10:00 AM on the day of departure. Other options are possible only with a prior arrangement with the owner.
    • On arrival, please hand over your ID or your passport to your host.
    • Your ID's will be given back to you after we sign you in our Guest Book and register you in the Tourist Board
    • Price for using the apartment for the whole arranged time is paid on the first day of your staying at the apartment.
    • If you decide to end your arranged staying earlier, you are obliged to pay a full price for the entire arranged period of staying (other options are possible only with a prior arrangement with the owner).
    • If your staying lasts less than 5 days, the owner can raise a price for 10 %
    • Guests are responsible for their behavior in the apartments. In case of any accident, they suffer consequences personally.
    • Thorough cleaning and arranging of the apartments are done by the hosts at every guest shift. Garbage bags, toilet paper, dish detergent... are given to the guests on their arrival, and if they need more amounts, the guests have to take care of it themselves.
    • During a longer staying in the same unit, bedding will be changed every 10 (or 7) days, and if needed, towels will be changed more often. During their staying, guests are responsible of keeping the apartments clean and at the end of their staying they have to give it over in an appropriate condition.
    • Guests are particularly responsible for their keys and locking the apartments, because the owners are not responsible for possible stealing of their belongings from the apartment.
    • We ask you not to have people who are not register at the Tourist Board in your apartment during the night.
    • The owner does not have the right to go inside the apartment when guests are not there, except in particular cases when going in is necessary to stop a possible damage or danger. In such cases, the owner has to inform the guests about it at their first encounter.
    • Pets are allowed only if guests make a prior arrangement with the owner.
    • On the day of departure, the guest has to allow the owner of the apartment to check (with guest being present) all the rooms and house appliances. If there is any damage there, the guest has to pay for it on their departure.
    • During their staying, guests can use the outside barbecue, but they have to provide the coal for it themselves. After using the barbecue, the guests are obliged to clean it up, out of consideration for other guests. Also, we ask you to be careful when handling the barbecue, so the embers don't fall out and cause the fire.
    • During the whole staying, an outdoor shower is always available for the guests.
    • House rules are a constituent part of the aparment rent. At the beginning of the rent, the guest is obliged to read the house rules and signed it as a sign of agreement. Even if the guest doesn't sign it, but pays the advance payment or confirms it, it is presumed that he read the house rules and accepts it. If the guests don't respect the house rules, the owner has the right to cancel their staying and in that case they don't get their money back. At the beginning of using the accommodation, it is presumed that the guests are introduced with house rules of the Duh Apartments and that they agree with responsibilities and conditions which are prominent in the house rules.